Next Horizon Game – What I Want To See

WOOOO! Horizon Zero Dawn – WHAT A GAME! This, so far, is my game of the year for 2017 (which says a lot considering there are so many great games popping around every day lately it seems). As a lifelong fan of Tomb Raider (an unhealthy obsession actually, but...


My Street Fighter V Adventures

YO YO!! So some of you may or may not have watched my recent YouTube video where I talked about going to Wednesday Night Fights at the eSports Arena. YUSSS! And how I wanted to dive into some super fantabulous Street Fighter V action. WOO!!! If not here’s the...


NEW Quantum Break Gameplay and Impressions

Holy wut!!! I got to play 2 hours of Quantum Break at the Microsoft/ Xbox Spring 2016 Showcase and I was absolutely blown away!! Of course I had to capture some footage and create a video for you guys, so watch and enjoy! The main things that really stood...


Life Updates and Such!

Heyoooooo guyyyyyssss!! Feels like forever since I’ve posted here on my website – I really miss it! For those who are new here, hello and welcome. You may or may not know that I started out over six years ago blogging here, as well as being a super noob...

Boxer Vi Thumbnail

Boxer Vi Speed Drawing

Woah, long time no post on my blog!! Wanted to share a video I just made of a digital speed drawing/ fan art I did of my dream Vi skin – Boxer Vi! For more info on the process please read the description in the YouTube video. High res...


Sexual Exploitation in Gaming

This is something I have wanted to talk about for a long time and finally gained the courage to do it. One of the unfortunate things is that if someone is feeling punished for a problem, their opinion doesn’t matter because it is perceived as biased – basically meaning...


Q&A With Melonie Mac – Sheep Gets Personal

Q&A Time! I answer YOUR questions (even some of the hard ones) in this video. I hope you guys enjoy – it’s always fun (yet scary) to open up more and more to you guys. Video link Thanks so much for all your love and support! <3 Get MAC’D!,...


Nerdbloxing – Clumsy Edition

New unboxing for you guys with Nerd Block! I get pretty clumsy in it, but what else is new? :p Video Link Please like, sub, comment, and share. Thank you all SOOOOO MUCH for your support. Get MAC’D, -Melonie