My Street Fighter V Adventures


So some of you may or may not have watched my recent YouTube video where I talked about going to Wednesday Night Fights at the eSports Arena. YUSSS! And how I wanted to dive into some super fantabulous Street Fighter V action. WOO!!!

If not here’s the video, fam <3

Anywho, I got my Madcatz Alpha Fightstick in the mail this morning and I was so stoked! Instantly purchased SFV and have been playing it all day/ night. Look how glorious and beautiful it is!!


I know a lot of people will think I’m crazy for ordering the Alpha Fightstick when I already have a TE2, but YOU GUYZ I AM SMALL! It’s a freaking beast of a fightstick, but it’s very intimidating for me since it is half my size. The Alpha Fightstick is pretty tiny, but it’s PERFECT FOR MEEEE! Works out for Joey though because he has been using my TE2 while I combo away on my little Alpha.


Going into SFV I was a little nervous because I haven’t really played Street Fighter since I was a kid. I just remembered I loved Vega so I predetermined ahead of time that he will be my main no matter how tricky he may or may not be to learn. I started out with Vega’s story mode because I didn’t want to get rekt online just yet, and after farting around a bit I struggled to figure out how the heck to execute my moves. That’s when I realized I was pushing the punch/kick buttons way too soon – I thought they had to be done the exact same time as the joystick moved. Once I got that down it made waaaaay more sense to me. Training mode was super helpful to get me a little more comfortable, but I was eager to fight a real person so I hopped into a few casual games. Lost most, but won two and I felt mondo happy about it which led me to yolo it on ranked. Because why not? Nothing to lose. Started with 0 points, who cares if I end with 0 points, amiright??


Ranked, good ol’ ranked. Yeah buddy. I have spent the past 6 hours grinding out ranked games and it has had its ups and downs. Took me quite a few matches to get my first win, but when I did I was on top of the world. YAY 66 LP! LOOKOUT EVO!!!!!! But really, I kept learning and I managed to get up to 501 points. Unfortunately I had a lose streak after that and it went down to 300, then back up to 400. OH MY WUT YOU GUYS IT IS ADDICTING! I just want all the LP! I gotta say though, for some reason going against Ryu infuriates me. I know people say he’s simple to understand and all, but I get owned by most every Ryu I face off with and I’m super salt about it.

All in all I’m having a blast. I have a long way to go and many combo moves to learn, but I made better progress today than I anticipated. Definitely ready to stream it on my next stream now – I hope you guys are ready for it!!

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Much love!