NEW Quantum Break Gameplay and Impressions

Holy wut!!! I got to play 2 hours of Quantum Break at the Microsoft/ Xbox Spring 2016 Showcase and I was absolutely blown away!! Of course I had to capture some footage and create a video for you guys, so watch and enjoy!

The main things that really stood out to me were the story, combat, and platforming mechanics. For the most part it takes a lot for me to get into a video game story. I tend to want to skip cutscenes and hop in, which I know some of you are probably cringing just reading that, but I get bored easily with stories. However, in this case I was really drawn in. I find it very impressive that the environments and characters are hyper-realistic, yet there are some insanely rad super powers that you can control as the main character, Jack. It takes the game beyond feeling like a fantasy universe and more like real life with mondo crazy happenings going on!


Moreover, the combat was extremely gripping. Lots of high adrenaline action. Before you get more powers and upgrades it feels a little like a generic third person shooter/ action adventure, but it doesn’t take long until you realize it is so much more than that. Another concern I had was that it would start to feel gimmicky. You know how some games have a super sweet move, but then after a billion times of executing it it just feels boring and repetitive? Fortunately I did not encounter that with Quantum Break. The diversity, fluidity, and upgradability of the abilities left things feeling fresh and functional. Not only that, but abilities have cooldowns, so you can’t go on spamming like a fool. I felt like such a boss executing abilities in a combo-like fashion – it was freaking gratifying.

Many of you know I’m a big fan of action/adventure titles, and a part of what makes a satisfying action/adventure title for me goes beyond just combat. I want time running around, exploring locations, solving puzzles, and doing fun stuff. Heck, general farting around and finding collectibles is fun as fudge for me. I was happy to see Jack’s abilities in Quantum Break go beyond combat and into the general platforming/ traversing part of the game as well. Rewinding time to piece together a tin roof to run over, collecting documents that further immersed me in the story, and taking in the sites of the gorgeous level design was a great way to take the energy down a bit from the intense combat and feel like I was actually a part of the world.


All in all I am extremely happy with what I have played and beyond excited to play more! Hope you enjoyed my video preview as well as this write up. Please share your thoughts with me in the YouTube comments, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! I love chatting with you all!

Big hugs!! Keep on gaming!

-Melonie Mac

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