Boxer Vi Thumbnail

Boxer Vi Speed Drawing

Woah, long time no post on my blog!! Wanted to share a video I just made of a digital speed drawing/ fan art I did of my dream Vi skin – Boxer Vi! For more info on the process please read the description in the YouTube video. High res...


Sexual Exploitation in Gaming

This is something I have wanted to talk about for a long time and finally gained the courage to do it. One of the unfortunate things is that if someone is feeling punished for a problem, their opinion doesn’t matter because it is perceived as biased – basically meaning...


Q&A With Melonie Mac – Sheep Gets Personal

Q&A Time! I answer YOUR questions (even some of the hard ones) in this video. I hope you guys enjoy – it’s always fun (yet scary) to open up more and more to you guys. Video link Thanks so much for all your love and support! <3 Get MAC’D!,...


Nerdbloxing – Clumsy Edition

New unboxing for you guys with Nerd Block! I get pretty clumsy in it, but what else is new? :p Video Link Please like, sub, comment, and share. Thank you all SOOOOO MUCH for your support. Get MAC’D, -Melonie


Epic Space Loot and ZOMG 150k and 100k!

It’s that time for more Loot Crate goodness! This time it is SPACE LOOT! Wooooaaahhh. Super stoked with what I got. check below for the video: Video link I also am SUPER EXCITED because my Facebook page just reached 100,000 likes and my YouTube channel is SO CLOSE to...


Melomaniac Awesome Updates!

As many of you have heard me hint about on Twitter and Facebook, I’m going on a trip to San Francisco tomorrow morning so I can livestream Tomb Raider Definitive Edition at the Crystal Dynamics office ALL DAY Monday! I AM SO EXCITED!!! Please watch the video below for...


January Melomaniac Awards!

I just announced on my Facebook Page today the Melomaniac Awards! What is the Melomaniac awards you may ask? This is a way for me to GIVE BACK to YOU GUYS! Every month I will give some sweet prizes to the top 5 most interactive subscribers ( aka Melomaniacs)...


Melonie Mac teams with Gamma Gamers on GGTV!

Hooray – I can finally share this! I’ve teamed up with Gamma Gamers to create the Weekly Reload (gaming news) on GGTV! Please subscribe to their channel to see more of me, and of course, subscribe to my channel as well (you can also use the link on my...